Security Token Market Lists First International Security Token, Hundreds in the Future

Security Token Market
3 min readApr 2, 2020

April 2, 2020 — Security Token Market ( is the largest repository of live security token data worldwide. Launching in 2018, the research and analytics firm has scoured public databases to collect all available primary offering collateral for over 300 past and present security token offerings.

In 2019, the firm launched support for secondary trading transactions, providing liquidity details for the six live security tokens worldwide, all of which were issued and traded inside of the US. Since the launch of this feature, the platform has scaled tremendously, building programmatic support for hourly security token pricing, trading volume, and market cap updates, becoming the first data aggregator in the digital securities industry.

In 2020, the firm has reached another milestone. In addition to adding six new US-based Real Estate assets, Security Token Market has also listed its first international security token — Mt Pelerin Group SA Tokenized Shares — to bring the total number of trading security tokens worldwide to thirteen.

Mt Pelerin, a former Security Token Show “Company of the Week” winner, is a Swiss fintech company specializing in asset tokenization and digital compliance. The firm tokenized its cap table in 2018 and successfully sold 5% of its shares in a public offering. The equity tokens (Uniswap:$MPS) are trading on the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange. The fundraise for the token occurred without investors from the United States, and US investors are also unable to purchase this token on Uniswap at the time of publishing.

Arnaud Salomon, CEO of Mt Pelerin said, “We are thrilled to see the MPS token, the first tokenized share to ever provide direct and full ownership to token holders, join other industry trailblazers on Security Token Market’s tracker. It will be of great help to showcase this one-of-its-kind token and its activity with more than 600 holders.”

This marks a tremendous step forward for global financial markets. Security Token Market has also been working with international trading platforms and marketplaces including MERJ, BlockStation, Tokenise, and others to begin onboarding and listing their future assets. In this way, Security Token Market is assisting issuers from around the world relay their message to the global financial market and helping an engaged US audience explore the opportunities that lie abroad on other continents like Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Jim Needham, Head of Strategy at MERJ Exchange commented on the importance of global financial markets, saying “This technology allows issuers to transcend domestic silos of liquidity and engage investors all over the world. By expanding their scope internationally, the STOMarket team are providing a real value add service in line with this global vision”

“We are excited to see Security Token Market take the initiative to centralize and publicize STO and Tokenized IPO listings, which will provide issuers with visibility and exposure to the international investor market the day they go live,” says Marko M. Hafez, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockstation. “It’s another sign that 2020 is set to be the year of tokenized securities, and it gives us confidence as we move forward with launching our private offering platform for issuers and brokers later this year.”

“Security tokens are a global phenomenon. Engaged users and investors alike deserve to know the performance of the world’s assets. We hope to host trading data for hundreds of tokens in the next 12 months. Issuers around the world are successfully raising money and are preparing their secondary liquidity options. All compliantly, all cost-effectively, and all live data will be found on before it can be found anywhere else.” Security Token Market CEO Kyle Sonlin said in an interview.

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